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Apr 15

Festival News

VESSEL will be screening at the Boston Independent Film Festival on April 27th. Be sure to get your tickets here!

Apr 14

Fork Films News: A Peabody Award, Theatrical Opening and More!

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HATESHIP LOVESHIP, a new film from Liza Johnson (RETURN) starring Kristen Wiig, which opened in theaters Friday, April 11 and is available on VOD and on iTunes now!

THE INVISIBLE WAR has been selected as a winner of a Peabody Award! Fork Films is among the companies honored with an award for support of the film.

Oct 25

Abigail Disney Honored By The Womensphere Foundation

We are excited to announce that Abigail Disney was honored by the Womensphere Foundation this year. She is among a distinguished list of women given the Womensphere Global Award. The 6th Womensphere Global Summit & Awards 2013 will convene global leaders, emerging leaders, educators, business leaders, policymakers, thought leaders, Foundation/NGO leaders, entrepreneurs, and social innovators, around this year’s theme of CREATING THE FUTURE: EVOLUTION + REVOLUTION, and the constant theme of advancing women’s leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship, as co-creators of the world’s future.You can learn more about Womensphere by visiting their website.

Aug 02

Fork Films News: Docs Advocating for Military Culture Change and more -

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- "SINGERS" IN THE BAND, a unique film that takes us behind the scenes to expose the links between the U.S. military and global sex trafficking currently running a kickstarter campaign;

- INVISIBLE NO MORE, the coalition behind the Oscar nominated film THE INVISIBLE WAR, urges you to call your senator now to co-sponsor the Military Justice Improvement Act and move the prosecution of military rape out of the chain of command;

- And much more! Click here to read the newsletter.

Apr 25

Stand with Women & share this video -

Apr 02

Please Support OUT IN THE NIGHT -

On a hot August night in 2006, under the neon-lights of the tattoo parlors and movie theaters of the gay friendly West Village, a group of young African American lesbian friends from Newark, New Jersey, out for a night, passed by a man selling DVDs of his new film on the street. He cat-called one of them, the smallest of the group, Patreese, and said “Let me get some of that.” When she responded, “Mister; I’m gay.” he spit at her and threw a lit cigarette. Two of Patreese’s friends, including gender non-conforming friend Renata, stepped to her defense. A fight broke out involving a few of the women, this man, and strangers on the street. When the fight dangerously escalated, the women left. The fight resulted in the man being stabbed and spending 5 days in the hospital, Renata and another woman left with black eyes, bloody lips and strangle marks on their necks. Another of the women had a handful of dread locks pulled from her scalp.

Only the women were rounded up by police, charged with varying degrees of assault and gang assault, and locked on Rikers Island. A year later, four of the women pled not-guilty and were tried in court. They were egregiously sentenced to between 3 and 11 years in prisons upstate New York.

This film tells their story – the challenges they faced on trial, in prison and by the media that labeled them a “Wolfpack” and “Gang of Killer Lesbians”.

Feb 01

President Obama Signs New Directive to Strengthen our Work to Advance Gender Equality Worldwide -

A growing body of evidence — and our own experience — shows us that families, communities and countries are more prosperous and secure when, as President Obama said this month, “you unleash the power of everyone, not just some”.

Jan 18

Fadia Tunis -

It is now two years since street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire, triggering a revolution in Tunisia that led to the overthrow of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, then president, and a series of revolutions and political change throughout the Arab world. Women were at the heart of that change and today they find themselves at the battlefields of a war of ideologies post Arab Spring.

Oct 04

The Iran Job - A Remarkably Apolitical Political Film

Oct 01

The Iran Job is in theaters now! -

The L.A. opening of The Iran Job last Friday generated reviews from national press far beyond anyone’s expectations! Take a look at their recent newsletter, check out the reviews and sign up for more info!